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First Aid Course

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Our First Aid course covers Safety precautions which are demonstrated through demos, visuals and examples. The First Aid certification is valid for 2 years.

First Aid Training Course

Understanding First Aid is a vital life skill. Such knowledge is of paramount importance when dealing with the range of problems that arise within our family, community, school and workplace–from minor everyday problems such as headaches and cuts to more serious emergencies such as allergic reactions and seizures.

Online First Aid Course Topics Include:

  • Basics About First Aid
  • Deciding to Act
  • Injury Prevention & Risk Management
  • Breathing Emergency
  • Muscle, Bone and Joint Emergency
  • Burns Emergency
  • Nervous System Emergency
  • Allergic Emergency
  • Bites and Sting Emergency
  • Heat and Cold Related Emergency
  • Wounds Emergency
  • Poison Response Emergency
  • First Aid Quiz

A word from our Students


Female Professional

This saved me so much time and money. I will definitely come here again!

Taja Nye

Female Professional

This course was very informative and worked perfectly for professionals like myself.

Patricia Daniel

Male Professional

Thank you so much for providing this service. I needed my certification fast and this was great. The study material was thorough and the interactive demonstrations really made everything flow and easy to comprehend. I really appreciated the organization and constant communication that was provided to me when I had questions. I hope more people choose to take this route!

Shaun Bonir

Sample First Aid Certification Card

A wallet certification card is included with all of our online courses. There is NO additional charge to download your wallet certification card.

  • Our Certifications Include:
  • 24 Hour Wallet Card Production:
  • Printable copy of wallet certification card
  • Optional mailed hard copy of wallet certification card
  • Certification documents signed by Certified instructors
  • Wallet card delivered within 5-7 business days
  • Fast Shipment
  • Reliable Service
  • 5-7 Day Delivery Time
  • Phone Support
  • Accepted Nationwide

American Health Care Academy provides training for CPR certification online, AED training and Standard First Aid for lay-responders and Healthcare Providers.