Online First Aid Course

First Aid is defined as the medical attention that is given to an ill or injured person before medical experts arrive on the scene. This course follows Nationally Accepted guidelines and is valid for 2 years.

Chapter 5: Choking Emergencies


A choking emergency (considered to be a medical emergency) is when an obstruction (object or food) blocks the airway and prevents air from getting to the lungs. The person is not able to breathe normally or cough. This section covers adult and child choking emergencies.


Consumption of alcohol / drugs
Hard objects (i.e., marbles, coins) are more common hazards amongst children
Not chewing food properly
Poor fitting dental work
Talking or laughing while eating

Signs and Symptoms:

Difficulty breathing or wheezing
Holding the neck with one or both hands; using the universal choking sign
Inability to talk
Passing out
Turning blue
Shortness of breath or troubled breathing

First Aid Actions / Treatment:

  1. If a person is choking, ask “Are you choking?” If the person nods