Online First Aid Course

First Aid is defined as the medical attention that is given to an ill or injured person before medical experts arrive on the scene. This course follows Nationally Accepted guidelines and is valid for 2 years.

Chapter 4: Breathing Emergencies


A breathing emergency (considered to be a medical emergency) is any respiratory problem that can threaten a person’s life. It can range from not being able to take a breath to not being able to breathe at all.


There are many different causes that can lead to a breathing emergency. Some of these include:

Allergic reactions
Chest injury or infection
Fear, pain or anxiety
Fumes inhalation
Heart attack
Heart disease or heart failure
Infection (i.e., pneumonia), collapsed or punctured lungs
Injury to the head, neck or chest

Signs and Symptoms:

Breathing is very rapid or very slow
Chest pain
Confused and aggressive behavior