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Chapter 6: Adult CPR: Put it Together

Now that you know the details of following the C-A-B method and performing Compressions, Opening the Airway, and Giving Breaths – let’s put the Adult CPR method together!
1. Make sure the scene is safe
2. Tap and shout “Are you okay?” to check if the victim is responsive
3. Shout for help
4. Call 9-1-1 and Get the AED
5. Check for a pulse (no more than 10 seconds)
6. Give 30 Chest Compressions (2 to 2.4 inches deep)
7. Open the Airway (head-tilt chin-lift)
8. Give 2 Breaths (1 second each)
9. Continue the 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths cycle until help arrives (100 to 120 compressions per minute)
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