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Emergency situations can happen anytime and anywhere. Even those that are working in the medical field are not immune to experiencing accidents and injuries. This is why it is important to learn how to administer BLS for healthcare providers. Below, we share the simple steps when giving BLS to a victim in an emergency situation.

Note that while these steps are effective, it is still a better idea to get yourself educated and enrolled in a proper BLS course and get your certification.

Step #1 – Scene Safety

This is self-explanatory. Before you even give BLS to a victim, you should first make sure that the vicinity is safe for both you and the victim.

Step #2 – Check Responsiveness

If there is no response from the victim, do the following:

  • Call for help nearby.
  • Call the emergency response unit.
  • When you are alone, prioritize calling the emergency response unit and securing the AED before resorting to CPR for adults and children.
  • When someone is with you, tell them to call the emergency response unit and fetch the AED for you. Never leave the victim unattended as much as possible.

Step #3 – Assess Breathing

Check if the victim is breathing. Then, take 10 seconds to check his or her pulse. If the pulse and breathing are normal and stable, continue to monitor until professional help arrives.

Step #4 – Abnormal Breathing

When the breathing of the victim is abnormal, do the following:

  • Give rescue breaths. The ratio should be one breath every five seconds.
  • Call the emergency response unit after two minutes of rescue breathing.
  • Continue to give rescue breaths and check the pulse every two minutes. If there is still no pulse present, begin doing CPR.

Step #5 – No Breathing and Pulse

When the victim is not breathing and there is no pulse observed, do the following:

  • Begin administering high-quality CPR. The compressions-to-breaths ratio should be 30-to-2.
  • Check the victim’s pulse every two minutes. Additionally, check for switch compressors and rhythm.
  • Use an AED when possible. If there is a shockable rhythm, do defibrillation and start CPR immediately.
  • Remember that high-quality CPR and changing the administrator of CPR every two minutes will improve the chances of the victims to survive.

Guideline Changes

In the past decade, there are a few changes that were made in the standards of administering BLS.

  • Checking the pulse and breathing should now be made in less than ten seconds.
  • When a cardiac arrest happens because of an initial non-shockable rhythm, administer epinephrine whenever possible.
  • Give an education of opioid overdose which can be alone or paired with naloxone training and distribution.
  • For pregnant victims, a manual left uterine displacement would be more beneficial in alleviating the aortocaval compression when chest compressions are made if the height of the fundus is higher than the umbilicus.

These are just some simple steps when administering BLS for healthcare providers. There are more detailed steps that you should learn to properly provide quality rescue to victims. You can learn this by enrolling yourself in a proven and tested BLS course.


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There arenumerous reasons why someone should make exercise an everyday routine. Many people claim that exercising is hard or they don’t have time for it, especially when first starting off. In my personal experience, working out and being healthy eventually starts to become an addiction or a routine. Whether you are going out for a jog, yoga or weight lifting, the first step is a matter of convincing your mind more than your body. Once you are convinced and you start seeing and feeling the results, you’re on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Below are some of the reasons why you should start or continue exercising: 

1.Helps you become mentally and physically fit

All forms of exercising increases the metabolism of the body. This results in the body burning excess calories in the body. The changes can be seen in time, however, it requires commitment in order to get better results.

There are different forms of exercises, such as weight lifting, that help your body build muscles, thus making your body stronger. Exercises such as running help build high endurance. This can be very helpful to an athlete or even a beginner.

When you exercise a lot, it helps the body to detoxify and allows oxygen to move freely through the body and the brain. This makes the person’s body feel more energetic and can help reduce the chances of chronic diseases. Regular exercise also improves the brain memory and health.

2.Exercise leads you to a healthier and happier lifestyle

Many forms of exercise make a body change. The body burns excess fat, causing the formatting of lean muscles. It has been proven that exercising helps in preventing a lot of diseases that could have caused a lot of harm to the body. This helps you live a better daily life and look more fresh, maybe even younger. Exercise has proven to boost your confidence and can improve your relationships with people around you.

Exercising also enhances your appetite because the body’s metabolism increases and a lot of energy is used. At this point, you can replenish the lost energy in the body with protein and healthy snacks. Many people also claim to have an improved sleep schedule post exercising.

3. Exercise makes you productive and uses your time appropriately

Exercise improves energy levels and allows for relaxation. This greatly improves the productivity of an individual. This can make you work better with more efficiency than someone who does not exercise regularly or even exercises at all. Exercising can also be associated to a better performance at work. It causes you to work more efficiently than those who do not exercise regular or never exercise at all.

So, exercising can be a very good way someone can use their free time. It drifts you away from the negative activities and into a more positive, motivated individual.

Making exercise as a daily routine is one step in being physically fit and healthy. Exercises may seem to be too tiring for the body, but it yields a lot of benefits. Help fight illness, and step into a healthier you by exercising daily.


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Heart attacks are mainly associated with the male gender. Cardiovascular disease is often seen in men and is considered the number one killer. But that does not mean that it will not happen to women.

According to statistics, one out of three American deaths is because of heart disease or stroke, resulting in 2,200 deaths per day. Heart disease is a deadly ailment that has no consideration in human life. Having heart disease is like having one foot on the ground. You don’t know when it will strike. Because of that, you must be ready all the time. It is best if there is someone around that can help you in case the worst happens.

Because of that, it is best to avoid heart disease while it is early. Prevention is better than cure. You can always have a good night knowing that you will still be alive when you sleep. Fortunately, moms have a secret weapon that can help prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Breastfeeding Helps:

Lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and any other related issues. Heart disease commonly attacks elderly people, but that does not mean that it can’t strike young ones. Because of that benefits of breastfeeding can be seen rarely at a younger stage.

A study shows that postmenopausal women at an average age of 63 will have 10 percent less likely to develop cardiovascular disease if they breastfed more than 12 months in their life. This is a huge risk reduction in terms of the damage that it could have. There are also other risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol that will less likely to develop on breastfeeding mothers.

Compared to men, this is a huge opportunity for mothers to help prevent cardiovascular disease and related illnesses. Ten percent of prevention is no joke and if properly used, it can be a line that can divide life and death. Having a lingering disease that can potentially kill you is troublesome. Prevention is still the best.

How does Breastfeeding help?

How does breastfeeding help prevent cardiovascular disease? By the looks of it, there is no significant relation of breastfeeding to the heart. Actually, breastfeeding is not really connected to the heart. It prevents heart disease by helping the heart indirectly.

Breastfeeding resets the body after pregnancy. The body acquires extra weight during pregnancy and that invites the risk of cardiovascular disease and other related illnesses. In breastfeeding, 200-500 calories are burned per day. It helps moms lose weight postpartum.

Moms that pay attention to their weight and have a healthy lifestyle also have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Also, breastfeeding can keep the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol high. If these factors are met, then it means that a good heart condition is sure to follow.

Start Breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding are evident in the long run. If breastfeeding can be applied immediately to the firstborn, then breastfeeding will greatly accumulate benefits that are helpful in the late stage.


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Engaging in healthy activities such as having a balanced diet is important for the body. Add in daily exercise and your overall health will be more positively affected. In fact, it is recommended for adults to allot 30 minutes per day for exercise.

Exercise must be included in a daily routine as it brings different benefits to the body such as the following:

improve health Improves Health

Exercising regularly reduces the risk of different diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and many more.


weight control

Controls Weight

Since exercise helps with burning calories and any unwanted fats, the more you burn calories, the more you lose weight.


muscle flex

Strengthens the Body

Resistance training and lifting weights help develop the muscles thus increasing the person’s strength and endurance.


improve stamina

Improves Stamina

As you continue exercising regularly, it trains your body to be efficient and condition your heart and breathing rate to return to normal after strenuous activity.


healthy heart

Reduces the Risk of SCAs

Lastly, safe exercise reduces the risk of sudden cardiac arrests. It keeps the hearts and lungs performing efficiently.

However, in rare incidents where sudden cardiac arrests would occur during an exercise, the best thing to do is to perform CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, on the patient right away. Immediate CPR deems a higher chance of the patient’s survival.

Learning CPR doesn’t happen in the spur of the moment. Time, effort, and money must be invested in order to train and receive your certification. American Health Care Academy offers CPR courses online, with competitive rates and a short span of time to complete a full CPR course. The course covers all the necessary topics needed to learn the basics, as well as the proper way of performing CPR. The topics provided are all in accordance with the nationally accepted AHA CPR guidelines. American Health Care Academy leads every individual to a path where they can help save lives.

American Health Care Academy provides training for CPR certification online, AED training and Standard First Aid for lay-responders and Healthcare Providers.

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