There are many animal and insect species that sting or bite. In most cases, first aid for stings and bites include bandaging and staying with the patient until help arrives.

Reassuring the person and keeping them immobile helps in preventing the poison from spreading to other body parts. Do not cut the wound or tourniquet the affected area. Seek emergency medical help immediately and inform them of the situation. In the case where the patient collapses or stops breathing, apply CPR until medical personnel arrives. Use skills acquired from first aid certification online to give basic assistance. If it is safe and possible you can capture the animal or the insect and store it for identification. However, it is not necessary and you should not spend time to look for the animal or insect.


In spite of modern technology to predict dangerous natural calamities, many are still poor at preparing for them both at local and international scales. Most assume it will never happen to them which causes a shock when a natural calamity hits them. People need to know how to deal with issues that are caused by these natural causes. It is important to learn how to help the situation and others before help arrives. The first aid and CPR certification online is a great way to acquire life-saving skills that will come handy during a natural disaster.


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There are a lot of differences between stroke and heart attack. Here are the differences you need to know.

Heart attack is a condition that happens when there is damage to the muscles within your heart. The damage of the heart muscles can be caused by the damage of the coronary artery. The coronary artery is involved in the movement of oxygen into the tissue muscles of the heart. A heart attack is one of the common causes of rising death cases.


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Sometimes we rush to help a victim of an accident and administer what we think is the best treatment for the condition. But the shocking truth is we are often doing it all wrong and could make a situation worse. So before you begin practicing what you learned in first aid and BLS certification online. Read through this to ensure the procedure you learned is not among the alarming mistakes.


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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is one of the first medical aid steps to take when someone is in a state of cardiac arrest or has difficulty breathing. This way, CPR aides in opening up the airway of the victim, potentially enabling an equipped person to save a life. This is what makes it extremely crucial for each and everyone to learn how to perform the procedure.


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When CPR First Aid is deemed critical today. It is a globally recognized tool that has saved countless lives throughout human history. Becoming trained and skilled in emergency medical aid is an easy task for those who take cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR classes online. Yet, this write-up goes one step further to spell out facets that you weren’t aware of when it comes to administering first aid.


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Studying First Aid and CPR will always be a winning choice. By learning what to do during emergency situations, you could save precious lives. However, you can only apply what is taught to you. So, if you are looking for a first aid certification online, you need to be smart in choosing the right training provider. Getting a certificate is not all there is to it. You need to actually know what to do so you can be called certified.

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