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February 17, 2020 CPR Training0

CPR means cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it is a lifesaving first aid procedure administered for victims. The procedure is not only for the victims that suffer from heart failure but also those that suffer from injuries that make them unconscious. CPR practice did not just start today it has been around for decades now. However, CPR procedure of past days has been modified through more advanced medical researches to become more effective. People looking to learn CPR can do so by enrolling in BLS for healthcare providers.


January 27, 2020 CPR Training0

The signs and symptoms which develop and give a green light that a person requires CPR are unconsciousness, difficulty in breathing, and no pulse. There are other encompassing scenarios that can need CPR. The conditions are not limited to suffocation, shock, and inhaling harmful smoke produced by a fire. Online first aid and CPR course educates about the circumstances that should get handled through CPR.


October 7, 2019 CPR TrainingFirst Aid0

An emergency can arise out of nowhere. You may be having family fun in the park when all of a sudden grandpa clenches his chest and falls to the ground. If you are lucky, you took online first aid and CPR so you know what to do, and immediately diagnose the problem and begin CPR. Here is a quick guide to use an AED to shock someone back to life.


Find out how CPR and first aid comes to the rescue when your kid is in an emergency situation.

First aid and CPR are life-saving skills everyone should endeavor to acquire. When you are a parent, it is even more important that you know first aid and CPR since there is no predicting what kind of accident your kid could end up in considering how clumsy kids can be. You can look for CPR classes online, and this article will equip you with basics that could save your child’s life.


In spite of modern technology to predict dangerous natural calamities, many are still poor at preparing for them both at local and international scales. Most assume it will never happen to them which causes a shock when a natural calamity hits them. People need to know how to deal with issues that are caused by these natural causes. It is important to learn how to help the situation and others before help arrives. The first aid and CPR certification online is a great way to acquire life-saving skills that will come handy during a natural disaster.


November 28, 2018 CPR Training0

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a medical procedure that helps to pump blood for a patient who has undergone a cardiac arrest. The heart of the affected individual cannot perform this function. A series of chest compressions are administered to help save a life. A cardiac arrest results in the heart not pumping blood to the brain and around the body.


October 25, 2018 CPR Training0

A pet is an important part of the family not just for the entertainment and cuteness value but also for the potential usefulness of one, for instance, a dog. A dog can be a cute playful animal to keep around and also be a vicious defender of the home. Just like we learn how to do first aid and CPR on humans when they are in distress, you should also learn how to provide the same assistance to animals that become distressed. CPR classes online may provide such training. Below is an instructional guide on what to do in the case that pretty cat or dog or any other animal of yours needs help.

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