There’s no telling what could happen in the future—one moment you’re with your colleagues laughing at some joke when suddenly, someone’s collapsing because of a heart attack. Unfortunately, happenings like these are more common than you thought. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention Control, about 800,000 Americans suffer from sudden cardiac arrest, in which 605,000 are first-time cases.


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There is no telling when an emergency could happen and without proper preparation, a lot of loss could be the final result. Since we can never tell the time of occurrence, it is only right that you prepare both you and those around you for a few common emergencies and know beforehand how to deal with them. To become a fully certified first aider, it is recommended that you enroll for CPR and BLS certification online course. Besides, there are other ways you could prepare for an emergency and discussed below are some of them.


Most think they are too busy to take first aid lessons. In fact, they believe they probably will never need to use the knowledge they acquire. The solution to being too busy maybe enrolling for first aid certification online which you can take at your leisure time.

The benefits of learning first aid whether it be in a physical class or first aid certification online are numerous but today we will focus on just five of them. Let’s get started with number one.


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Serious concerns have been raised to increase awareness of CPR and first aid training globally. This is highly motivated by the rising number of deaths from accidents and other causes that may have otherwise been prevented through basic help. For this reason, more people today are encouraged to enroll for CPR online classes to improve their life-saving skills. It is basically the lifesaving procedure that needs to be done to a heart attack or cardiac arrest victim to prevent them from dying. Some of the myths below will amaze you as you find out more details regarding CPR and first aid today.


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The benefits of learning CPR is understated, and if possible, everybody should be able to perform CPR when needed. A person that has the knowledge and can perform CPR very well will be a lifesaver when the need arises. In some workplaces, it is very important that the employees learn the procedure of first aid burns among handling other emergencies.


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It is really shocking to have your close friend or family member diagnosed with heart disease or being admitted to having a heart failure. How is one supposed to react and care for the patient?

Having a person say your friend or family member with heart disease can make you have mixed feelings. If the attack happens at home or work a person with online CPR recertification can help in giving CPR to the victim. You may be guilty, angry or even scared. These feelings are however normal reactions. It has been noted in most cases that the family and friends are usually more anxious than the patient.


It is essential to know how to provide a first aid help to stop bleeding from cuts or wounds. Read on to know more.

Most adults use knives and sharp objects in their lives. Whether they are professional chefs, home chefs, gardeners, medical helpers or surgeons, load track drivers, housewives or students, or just grandmothers helping their grandchildren to craft. If you have not yet considered it, it is the perfect time to apply for online CPR certification and learn to help.


There are many animal and insect species that sting or bite. In most cases, first aid for stings and bites include bandaging and staying with the patient until help arrives.

Reassuring the person and keeping them immobile helps in preventing the poison from spreading to other body parts. Do not cut the wound or tourniquet the affected area. Seek emergency medical help immediately and inform them of the situation. In the case where the patient collapses or stops breathing, apply CPR until medical personnel arrives. Use skills acquired from first aid certification online to give basic assistance. If it is safe and possible you can capture the animal or the insect and store it for identification. However, it is not necessary and you should not spend time to look for the animal or insect.

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