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What Do You Need to Know About BLS for Cardiac Health?

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Research shows there are hundreds of thousands of cardiac arrests that take place outside health facilities. And, approximately 200,000 cardiac arrests take place within a health facility. Of all the cases that take place, there is only 50% of cases receive proper CPR treatment. There are various considerable efforts that are made to make sure that the incidences of cardiac arrests are lowered. However, despite these efforts, the rate of cardiac arrests keeps on increasing.

Various factors are contributing to this rise. One of them is the lack of CPR courses BLS for healthcare providers. This makes them lack the skills in handling the rising cases of cardiac arrest. There are a number of items that you need to know about BLS and they are discussed below.

What is BLS?

Basic Life Support (BLS) involves receiving a certification from a reputed association that you are certified in offering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). There is also another level referred to as Advanced Cardiac Life Support. This informs one of the ways in which they can identify life-threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke. It provides information about the ways in which healthcare providers should handle such a situation.

Who Needs BLS Training?

BLS training is a requirement for all healthcare professionals. This is especially useful for the ones who work in ICU, emergency department, and the cardiac unit at the hospital. The skills are mandatory so that you can know how to handle anything that may arise. It comes in handy when the patient is undergoing treatment in the above units.

Why Do You Need BLS Training?

The nurses are the ones who first witness such cases of cardiac arrest or heart attack. Having skills and the knowledge of how you should handle these cases as a nurse will put you in a good position in handling the cases if they arise. CPR skills gained will help you to handle the patients as they await treatment. You can turn out to be a lifesaver in times of emergency.

Where Can I Find the Training?

BLS training is offered at various workshops. You can also inquire if they are offered at the healthcare facility that you are serving. If you realize that the services are not offered at the health facility, then you should look for the services or inquire from someone that you work with at the facility. There are also various online platforms that offer BLS training. With online training, there is always convenience since you are the one who can decide the time of the training. However, you should do it with seriousness and make sure that you have learned the practical skills.

BLS for healthcare providers is one of the skills that are mandatory in any healthcare facility. It is through training that you will learn about handling the various scenarios that might arise. You will approach with confidence knowing how to handle a patient who has cardiac arrest symptoms.

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