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You Must Know these First Aid Fundamentals

Accident in Crosswalk

Medical assistance does not have to come from the medical team like doctors alone. There are numerous instances, where laymen have saved lives. More civilians can now train to become First Aid trained.

Accidents happen all the time and it is not always that the medical team will reach with speed to offer medical assistance. This is the reason there has been increased awareness of the need to take classes for emergency first aid for burns to learn a few basic first aid skills that could help save a life. It could be devastating to know that someone lost their life when there was something you could do to help but you did not. Be an instrumental lifesaver in society today by ensuring you get your CPR and first aid certificate today. Here are a few basics that are a must-know for anyone First Aid trained.

Practice Safety

It is vital that you stay safe and also keep your patient safe while trying to save their lives. You, therefore, have to carry with you safety tools in your first aid box wherever you go. These safety items may include items like gloves and sterilizers to prevent contraction or passing on any infections to and from the victim. Put on your gloves and sterilize any cutting materials that you could use during the life-saving process. It is wrong to rush to an accident scene to administer help when you lack the right protective gear to wear while administering the first aid.

Find Out if the Victim is Conscious

Analyze the victim at the accident spot and find out if they are conscious or not. Try waking them up should they appear asleep. Try calling them by their names if you know them; if not tap them to try and wake them up. Remember it is easier to help a conscious and awake person than an unconscious victim. Even the level of first aid administered changes depending on the situation of the victim.

Find Out if They are Breathing

If the victim appears to be asleep you have to also find out if they are breathing. This helps you know what level of first aid has to be given. If the breathing is mild you have to be fast in administering CPR to help resuscitate the victim. Do several chest compressions for the victim and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to help them regain their breathing.

Continue Administering Care After First Aid

The CPR should continue if the victim remains unconscious but only after calling for medical assistance. Call 9-1-1 or have someone standing close to you do it. This is important in case you fail to contain the situation and even if you do contain the situation, medical assistance is also of great importance to speed up the recovery of the victim. As you wait for the medical assistance to come, you can treat other minor injuries like burns or cuts or even sterilize and dress wounds to prevent contraction of any more infections. Taking first aid burns classes equip you with the skills you need to become pro first aid and a life-saver. Register today to sharpen your skills today.

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