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5 Reasons Why Group Online CPR Certification is Important


Group online CPR certification is one of the most crucial and affordable courses. An accredited online CPR course teaches a group to save a life when one’s heart is no longer beating. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification is a valuable course that can help you become a rescuer when the need arises. An entire group earning this certification can undoubtedly improve safety at the place of work. 

Importance of Online CPR Certification

Online CPR certification is more flexible than attending any time-bound in-person training classes. The training materials can be accessed at any point desired. This gives working individuals the kind of space they need to catch up with the course at their own speed. The figures are staggering when it comes to cardiac arrests in the U.S per annum. Hence such CPR course offerings can help reduce the instances. CPR course materials are mostly used to help people get the help they need before the ambulance arrives. Some of the other reasons why people can consider this are:

  • Be prepared for emergencies
  • Courses are easy to access
  • High quality CPR training is simple to complete within a few hours 
  • Doubts can be addressed using emails or video chats which is most preferred nowadays
  • Online CPR certification is now interactive and advanced

5 Benefits of Group Online CPR Certification

There are ample benefits of an online group CPR certification. Here are some:

1. Trainees are handed down skills that can be used inside and outside workplaces in case of healthcare emergencies. This can definitely create a workplace that is safe and empowering. This also provides people with more confidence during any emergencies. This course contains guidelines that can help anybody, be it, children, infants or adults. 

2. American HealthCare Academy is a trusted accredited platform. Their courses are also nationally accepted. This course will be valid for 2 years. The course instructors are OSHA certified. The courses are fully updated and compliant with the AHA guidelines. The processes are continuously updated to maintain the relevant standards.

3. The curriculum has been backed by processes that are both theoretical and hands-on. These are trained and informed personnel with a proper BSN or Bachelor of Science degree and have provided training before as well. The entire certification includes literature and videos that are nationally acclaimed too. 

4. It has often been seen that people who start a workout session with a friend for motivation end up completing it too. The same mindset has been applied here so starting a program out as a group might help people want to finish it as well. This will leave less room for abrupt quitters. 

5. This training is suitable for the ones who are new as well. This helps in making a community self-sufficient and even if the accreditations are accepted only within the U.S the skills can be used globally. 

Group online CPR certification

Exceptional benefits that American HealthCare Academy offers our Group customers for Online CPR Certification

Groups of more than 5 people applying can get more discounts for sure from American HealthCare Academy. Other reasons why one should opt for our certification are:

  • The group prices are much lower and the certification can be completed within a few hours. 
  • The employer dashboard is much more simplified. It is guaranteed to show real-time certification status.
  • This group discount is good for students, NGO groups, schools, corporates etc. One is just a call away from knowing if they can be accepted for the course or not. 
  • The group course accesses are supposed to be limitless for at least 60 days. 
  • The groups can perform CPR and access their accounts instantaneously as well. 
  • Employers may be using this dashboard to see if the students are able to progress or how far they have progressed. This can also be used to help or encourage more to get CPR certified online.
  • The certification cards are there to be printed anytime from the website. Added courses may be bought at any time as well. Purchased courses are accessed almost immediately. 
  • The overall satisfaction rating is 4.8 which is something to be reckoned with. Out of the 215 Google ratings American HealthCare Academy has received shows that they are all 5 stars. 
  • There is also a legitimate money-back guarantee on the courses if by any chance they are not accepted. It is however rarely seen that an American HealthCare Academy Certification is never accepted or any proven denials are commonly claimed.
  • Technical difficulties can also be resolved as part of the process in a jiffy. American HealthCare Academy is more than glad to help out with any information required anytime.


Group-based online certification is a time-saver in more ways than one. This is what is making people more capable of handling emergencies on a daily basis. There is ample proof around us that people opting for the course are using it on a real-time basis. For the best in class online Group Online CPR certification please click here

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