The Best Way to Save a Drowning Victim

March 2, 20200Safety Tips

The Best Way to Save a Drowning Victim

March 2, 2020 0

Many people enjoy swimming, especially during the summer. Despite swimming being an enjoyable sport and a form of exercise for a lot of people, it can also be dangerous to those who have not mastered the skills yet. Knowing life-saving skills like CPR and first aid by taking online CPR courses can help you save someone’s life in case of an emergency. You can learn more about it online, but here are some essential tips to get you started.

How to Detect a Drowning Victim?

Sudden Panicky Movements

It is common for an individual who is drowning to move suddenly up and down as they try to catch a breath. The victim will try to move their arms out of the water to signal to the people around that they are in danger. If you observe such floundering signs then you know it is time to take action. You can know more about how to identify victims in danger by taking online CPR courses and first aid training.

Dropping to the Bottom of the Pool

If the person was swimming and they suddenly drop to the bottom of the pool and can’t get up within a few seconds it is a sign of trouble.

They Stop Kicking

A swimming person will always make kicking movements. However, if they are drowning, they can feel as if they don’t have enough energy to continue kicking. They will then become still and this should be your GO sign.

Another important thing that you should always keep in mind is only attempting to save the person if you are safe. You should not do anything to compromise your safety and put you in danger. You should always put your safety first before you can attempt to save another person or you might end up becoming a victim.

Here are some essential tips to remember:

Call for Help

You need to call for help as you continue to assess the situation or contemplate the necessary action to take. If you are unable to call 911 yourself, you should shout and get someone else to call for help. The sooner you call the EMTs the better and the greater the chance of survival for the victim.

Examine Your Environment

Look around you and see if you can spot any floatation device or something useful. It can be a shepherd’s hook, a ring-shaped or torpedo-shaped buoy that you can use to get the victim out of the water.

Swim to the Victim

Make the decision to swim towards the victim only if you are a good swimmer or trained in underwater rescue. Never swim to the victim if it means putting yourself in danger as the victim can hold on to you and drown both of you. If you manage to swim to the victim, go behind them and hold them underneath their arms. You can then use your legs to kick and get the victim to safety.

Once the victim is out of the water, perform CPR as soon as you can if they are unconscious. If the emergency personnel has not yet arrived then the first thing you should do is to look for a pulse. Ascertain that the victim is breathing then start to perform CPR. You can also give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to return the victim to normalcy.

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