Runners Need to Learn First Aid

Runners Need to Learn First Aid

April 5, 2018 0

Distance races are held frequently all throughout the year ranging from .5 miles and 26.2 mile marathons. Runners prepare year round for these races. Training may include strenuous activities that involve running hills, lifting weights and thigh strengthening exercises. It is essential for athletes to stretch and take proper precautions to avoid injury.

Although there are different first aid volunteers present during races, it is still important for runners to learn first aid for when they are training.




Below are reasons on why runners must learn first aid: 

  • Runner’s safety is the topmost priority in every competition.
  • Runners partake in heavy activities which cause stress on their muscles thus leading to injuries. If not given first aid care, the situation might become worse.
  • Runners must know how to prevent common injuries so they can keep their training on track without causing any delays. 

While attempting to reach or surpass your distance, train the right way. Training safely will help you prepare both mentally and physically.


Visit American Health Care Academy and enroll in the First Aid Course. This course teaches runners the importance on why they should learn about the basics of first aid and how to perform it in certain situations. Some of the topics included in this course are Injury Prevention & Risk Management and Muscle Bone and Joint Emergency which are both essential for the runner’s safety. Prepare for your next race with this course and receive a bonus First Aid Certification upon completing the course.

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