Why Online CPR Training Works

Why Online CPR Training Works

March 9, 2018 0

Sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) are one of the leading causes of death in the world. The only way to delay any occurrences of death as you wait for the EMT is through performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is the main reason why the need to learn more about CPR is highly increasing. 

Online CPR training is now a convenient way of gaining knowledge and developing skills of emergency procedures. But several experts tend to dismiss this thought because they see online CPR training as a certification mill. Meaning to say, these online trainings are just offering certifications for a certain fee even if the applicant doesn’t officially pass the standards and requirement for being fully certified. 


CPR instructors also often question the very existence of online CPR trainings. They see it as a joke as the words itself is seen as mutually opposed. Taking up a CPR training online requires you to watch instructional videos about performing CPR. And with that, instructors still argue about the fact that OSHA mandates a hand-on practice for CPR. CPR trainings cannot be held online because it requires an actual training method where dummies are used in place of the victims. 


However, CPR instructors don’t know that online CPR trainings follow the blended learning approach. To put it simply, it is an education program where online digital media and traditional classroom methods are combined. American Health Care Academy is one of the online institutions that offer blended learning. This includes taking up the online course and the skills developed are evaluated by an instructor afterwards. 



In fact, online CPR training tends to work better because of the following: 


Time. When engaging in online trainings, you are in charge of your own time and schedule which means once you take up the course, you are fully dedicated to it.  


Focus. With online trainings, you can rewind the provided videos a countless number of times. Unlike on traditional methods, if you’re not that attentive, you cannot make the instructor repeat what he/she had said for many times. 


Convenient. You can take up CPR courses with just the comfort of your home because all you need to have is a secure connection and complete focus with the course. 


Affordable. Online CPR training is more affordable, not to mention that discounts and promos are often given when taking up CPR courses. 


Online CPR trainings are not really what other people seem to think of. The common gossips about it are misconceptions and are given doubts by most people who desire to learn about CPR. Taking up CPR courses online is in fact, a much better way than those traditional ones. To learn more about online CPR courses, visit CPRAEDcourse.com. 

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