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Deciding to Act

  1. picAlways make an informed decision before deciding to act.

  2. You can help save a life if you decide to respond using your skills.

  3. Remember your safety is first, so leave the scene if you are at risk.

  4. While helping the victim, protect yourself from transmission of possible diseases.

  5. Use disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with blood or other bodily fluid.

  6. Use preventive breathing barriers while giving rescue breaths.

  7. Cover your own cuts, sores, wounds and any other skin conditions with a bandage.

  8. Tell EMS personnel at the scene if you have come in direct contact with the victim's bodily fluids, if you are in an out-of-hospital situation.

  9. One of the primary advantages of the new 2010 ECC guidelines, is to reduce the bystanders' fear and panic when responding to an injured person and when performing CPR

Good Samaritan Law

All 50 states follow Good Samaritan laws. The act provides legal protection to people who willingly provide emergency care to ill/injured persons, without accepting anything in return. They are intended to reduce bystanders’ hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury.

  1. If any kind of compensation is accepted for your emergency care, the law will no longer protect you.

  2. The law protects citizens who act the same way that a ‘reasonable and prudent person’ would if that person were in the same situation.

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