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Recovery Position

If a person is unconscious but breathing normally place him/her into recovery position. When in recovery position vomit, and other fluids will drain from the mouth. While moving the person take special care of the neck, head, and back.

If a person is in the recovery position for more than 30 minutes, and begins to show signs of low circulation to the lower arm and change of skin color, turn him/her in the opposite direction.

If you suspect that a person has a neck, head, or back injury but a clear airway can be maintained, do not move the person until professional help arrives.

Moving procedure

When a person is lying in a face-up position:

  1. Bring the victim’s arm further away from you, above his/her head.

  2. Place the victim’s other arm on the face/cheek with the palm facing inside.

  3. Lift the victim’s leg closest to you, about 12 inches from the knee.

  4. While holding the victim’s head and neck with your hand roll the person away from you.

  5. After roll-over check to see if the victim’s airway is open and make sure the victim is breathing.

  6. Remember that the recovery position is for an unconscious person who is breathing.

Please also see that the victim is kept in a comfortable position.

The victim’s face should be in a position that if he/she vomits, it should drain out of the mouth. This is to ensure that the victim does not breathe-in or choke from his/her own vomit.

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